Around the world prison radio is making an incredible difference; changing and even saving lives. And influencing how criminal justice systems operate.

We are supporting the development of a mutually supportive international community; sharing how we face challenges and deliver impact. It is the differences in how we operate that offer the greatest opportunities for learning, for sharing best practice, and ultimately, for delivering change.

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The motivations for working in this field vary, from supporting people through their prison sentences, to changing public opinion about incarcerated people. For some, freedom of speech and offering people inside a voice is at the centre of their work. Others are working to create a dialogue about the state of our criminal justice systems. Helping to keep people out of prison is important to us all.We all put experts through experience at the heart of our work and our storytelling. We value individual people’s experience and we are grateful for their willingness to share their time, energy and honesty.

There is a great variety in the work being undertaken:
• full-time national radio stations exclusively for people in prison
• content produced with people inside prisons, for broadcast on national / public / community broadcasters or as podcasts
• content produced in community settings (often with formerly incarcerated people) for broadcast both inside and outside prisons

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