Around the world prison radio is making an incredible difference; changing and even saving lives. And influencing how criminal justice systems operate.

We are supporting the development of a mutually supportive international community; sharing how we face challenges and deliver impact. It is the differences in how we operate that offer the greatest opportunities for learning, for sharing best practice, and ultimately, for delivering change.

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Prison Radio International (PRI) supports the development of radio projects around the world that work with people who are, or have been, in prison.

As the organisation behind National Prison Radio, our expertise is in high demand globally. Increasingly governments, NGOs and individuals across the world are looking to us for advice, support, collaboration and coordination. However, we understand that the best work globally will only be done by listening to the voices on the ground in different countries through creating truly global networks of support and collaboration.

We aim to help those developing prison radio initiatives access the support they need, regardless of their geography or resources. We aim to help governments to see the value in supporting prison radio, and that the most effective prison radio is not a voice of those in charge. We aim to help power-holders see the value in putting people in prison at the heart of prison radio development.

We know that quality prison radio improves and even saves the lives of people in prison. We know it provides a lifeline of communication for the loved ones of people in prison. We know that it can play a pivotal role in contributing to a more informed public dialogue about how we respond to criminal harm. We know prison radio – done well – gives incarcerated people agency. It plays an important role in humanising people living in prisons. It can create meaningful dialogue between those running prisons and those living in them. It can help incarcerated people to influence how prisons are run.

Through supporting effective prison radio development, we want to see more effective prisons; better equipped to help people cope with incarceration and life after release.

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