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Architecture of Incarceration

What should prisons look like? Can good prison design help the people held within them to avoid reoffending in the future?

Architecture of Incarceration is the latest BBC Radio 4 documentary from PRA Productions. The programme’s presenter, architect Danna Walker, asks precisely these questions.

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We’ve got the best Brief

When  you spend time in prison, one thing is for certain – you will be entangled in often incomprehensible legal processes that can be incredibly stressful and seemingly interminable.

Thanks to funding from the Law Society Charity, National Prison Radio is bringing people in prison a regular legal slot that aims to demystify the law.

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Prison Pod Picks: Alex Bishop

Each month we bring you recommendations for must-listen radio programmes and podcasts.

Alex Bishop is the PRA’s Production Manager. His job is to ensure our productions run smoothly, and to create award-winning on-air campaigns alongside our partners in the criminal justice sector and beyond.

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Prison Radio Association in numbers

86% of people in prison listen to National Prison Radio, and they listen for an average of 9.6 hours each week.

These are among the key findings from the Prison Radio Association’s 2018 Impact Snapshot.

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National Prison Radio seeks Managing Editor

An extremely rare opportunity has come up to take charge of the most exciting and innovative radio station in the world! (At least, we like to think so…)

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Prison Pod Picks: Chris Impey

Each month we bring you recommendations for must-listen podcasts and radio programmes.

Chris Impey is the Managing Editor of National Prison Radio. He’s the person who makes sure the quality remains high, and the programmes hit the right notes, supporting people behind bars to move forward positively with their lives after prison.

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Sounds Inside: the documentary

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend time in prison? Our unique documentary allows you to experience 24 hours behind bars, through the power of audio.

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PRA Productions makes film for BBC Radio 1’s iPlayer channel

Steph was in a bank when a robber burst in, held her hostage and threatened her with a meat cleaver. Traumatised, she decided to meet her attacked face to face. Watch her story in our new BBC film. Continue reading

Miscarriage of Justice: A Survivor’s Story

Michael O’Brien was wrongly convicted of murder and served 11 years in prison before being released. We’ve made a film of his incredible story.

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Attention radio producers: we’re hiring!

An extremely rare opportunity has come up to join the Prison Radio Association’s award-winning production team behind the walls of HMP Brixton. That means YOU could be working for the current Independent Production Company of the Year!  Continue reading

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