Fri 02 Feb, 2024

Prison Radio International visits Japan!

Dr. Ruth Armstrong represented the Prison Radio Association on a visit Japan to help grow prison radio’s global impact.

Prison Radio International (PRI) is spearheaded by Phil Maguire OBE, the Chief Executive of the Prison Radio Association.

It supports the development of radio projects around the world that work with people who are, or have been, in prison. 

Ruth has been working with Phil on the strategic development of PRI and our global prison radio survey, and was invited by Professor Akiko Ogawa and Miyuki Haga of the School of Informatics at Nagoya University to attend a symposium to learn about prison radio in Japan, and to discuss the development of the Prison Radio Association and our global prison radio network.

It was an amazing opportunity for Prison Radio International to learn about the realities of prison radio in a very different cultural context.

You can read Ruth’s account on what we contributed to the conversation and what we learned, and how we will feed this into our ongoing work to develop frameworks of global best practice in prison radio, below.

I am enlivened by this idea that stating your truth, as it is, even in ways some people may find shocking, can plant the seeds of change, and make space for the kinds of responses that challenge accepted ways of being and build new ways forwards.
Dr. Ruth Armstrong

I was struck by the importance of holding different perspectives in authentic dialogue. We need the skills of all these actors to build something legitimate in this space.
Dr. Ruth Armstrong

The PRA previously visited Argentina and Uruguay in October 2023 to help grow prison radio’s global impact in Latin America. You can read about the success of this trip here.

The Prison Radio Association is leading the development of Prison Radio International (PRI), a growing global movement of people using audio in criminal justice settings for social good.