Fri 02 Feb, 2024

Valentine’s on National Prison Radio

Throughout February, National Prison Radio will be broadcasting special shows to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to help prisoners keep in touch with their loved ones.

National Prison Radio is celebrating the day of love with a special Family and Friends Request Show.

Spending Valentine’s Day inside can be very difficult. Missing family, friends and partners can feel even more significant at this time of year, and that’s why National Prison Radio is helping people to stay connected with their loved ones.

We’ve been asking friends and family to get in touch with their Valentine’s song requests and messages for the Valentine’s special of the Family and Friends Request Show hosted by Jules.

If you’re listening on the outside, you access the show here on Wednesday 14th February.

National Prison Radio will also be will be broadcasting some special Love Bug shows throughout the month, presented by a familiar voice to those behind bars.

Kadeem has recently been released from prison, having previously worked with National Prison Radio on the inside at HMP Brixton. His favourite show to present was Love Bug.

Kadeem will be presenting Love Bug throughout February and here is what he had to say about how much the show means to him:

The show that was always closest to my heart was Love Bug. If you’re not familiar with Love Bug, it’s all about playing slow jams to get you in the mood to write letters home to your loved ones.

I used to listen to Love Bug when I was in HMP Berwyn. It was my guilty pleasure. I know the importance of this show because it carried me at times when I was feeling stuck. I didn’t have a stereo but the vibe of Love Bug helped me to write my letters to family and friends. I truly believe listening to Love Bug helped keep all my important relationships intact.

I know from personal experience that keeping in touch with my own loved ones kept me sane while I was in prison. But don’t just take my word for it. A study found that there was a 39% reduction in reoffending for prisoners who receive family visits compared to those who don’t.”

Kadeem will be providing tips, messages from artists and celebrities and the latest vibes and love songs to keep people inside feeling positive.

Love Bug broadcasts on National Prison Radio every Friday at 5pm.