Thu 05 May, 2018

PRA Productions makes film for BBC Radio 1’s iPlayer channel

Steph was in a bank when a robber burst in, held her hostage and threatened her with a meat cleaver. Traumatised, she decided to meet her attacked face to face. Watch her story in our new BBC film.

PRA Productions has produced a powerful new film about the process of Restorative Justice, featuring the story of Steph and her attacked Ian.

The film features real testimony from both Steph and Ian, but neither wanted to be visible in the film. We therefore used an innovative film-making technique, having their words are lip-synced by actors.

19 year old Steph’s life fell apart after she was held hostage in a bank robbery, by a man dressed all in black, threatening her with a meat cleaver.

Steph suffered paranoia, panic attacks and flashbacks, fearing the appearance of the ‘Bogeyman’ everywhere she went.

Through the process of Restorative Justice, Steph eventually agreed to meet her attacker, Ian, after he was released from prison.

We made contact and interviewed Steph and Ian with the help of the restorative justice charity Remedi.

Steph and Ian gave incredibly powerful individual accounts of the events and then how the Restorative justice process changed their lives.

Restorative Justice brings those harmed by crime and those responsible for the harm into communication to help both parties.

The interviews were broadcast on both BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra earlier in 2018, and now form the basis of this film for the BBC Radio 1 iPlayer channel.

Restorative Justice: Meeting The Bogeyman was launched on BBC Radio 1 iPlayer channel on 24 May 2018.

Film Credits
Reece Parkinson
Steph: Shannon Flynn
Ian: Neil Bell
The Bogeyman: Greg Wood
Production Manager: Sarah Kenny
Camera: Nick Holden-Sim and  Arthur Hagues
Film Editor/Director: Mark Elliot
Producer/Director: Emily Davis
Online Editor: Ian Brown
Executive Producer: Jo Meek