Wed 11 Nov, 2017

Opening up parole on National Prison Radio

National Prison Radio’s prisoner-presenters are putting some tough questions to the Chief Executive of the Parole Board, as part of a special campaign to inform prisoners about the parole process.

Parole is complicated, and the paperwork and legal language can be overwhelming.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Parole Board, National Prison Radio is bringing prisoners a straightforward guide to how parole works, and giving them a chance to have their questions answered.

We’ll be broadcasting clear, simple advice about things like preparing for hearings, what happens on the day and the importance of understanding all the paperwork.

The team in HMP Brixton has also recorded a Question Time style discussion programme with a panel of experts, including Marin Jones, Chief Executive of the Parole Board, and Sonia Crozier, Executive Director of the National Probation Service.

“As the Parole Board turns 50 we’re asking ourselves how we can be more open and transparent. We’ve recognised that we need to keep prisoners better informed about how the parole process works, and provide information in ways that are easier to understand. Working with National Prison Radio for this Understanding Parole project is a great opportunity for the Board to do that.”
Martin Jones, Chief Executive of the Parole Board

The Understanding Parole project is a collaborative effort between the PRA, the National Probation Service and the Parole Board, with support from Simon, who’s successfully been through parole.

National Prison Radio exists to support people through their prison sentences, and a key part of this is demystifying the sometimes complicated administrative processes that go with the criminal justice system. By helping people in prison to understand how things work, it allows them to prepare themselves better for release, in order to lead a law-abiding life and not return to prison.

Understanding Parole broadcasts on National Prison Radio in the week of Monday 11 December 2017.

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