Wed 05 May, 2017

Keep On The Straightline

Our brand new weekly Straightline Request Show is broadcast on National Prison Radio and also online at

It features requests across the prison walls, between prisoners and their loved-ones. We do it because keeping family bonds healthy helps reduce crime.

Around 60% of adults released from prison will end up back in jail within twelve months. This number is even higher for young people.

The single most important factor in keeping people on the straight and narrow is having a strong support network on the outside, and this starts with family and loved-ones.

The Straightline Request Show, presented by former prisoners Duewaine and Lauren, is broadcast on Tuesday evenings on National Prison Radio. It is also posted online so that family and loved-ones can listen in too.

For people in prison, life is far from straightforward. Feelings of guilt, inadequacy, failure and regret can form a toxic mix. Maintaining morale is vital for keeping people safe in a desperate situation. It also builds the confidence need to work towards making the changes needed to avoid coming back to prison.

Knowing that you have a loved-one on the outside who is thinking about you can make a huge difference, and the Straightline Request Show is a simple way to tell someone you love them.

Prisoners can request songs for their loved ones by writing to National Prison Radio, HMP Brixton, London SW2 5XF. People on the outside can put in requests at