Mon 03 Mar, 2021

Humane Justice podcast – stories of kindness in prison

This week we’ve launched a series of six podcasts about the power of kindness in prison

The series, made with the charity Khulisa, is simple – six people tell their stories of how acts of kindness changed their lives.

The series features six people who have either been to prison or worked in prison.

In episode 1, Jayne Richards describes moments in her 10 year prison sentence which saved her life. It’s an emotional listen, taking us through times where Jayne found herself in the darkest of places. She describes random acts of kindness which helped to get her to where she is today – an award-winning member of the team at the charity Catch 22.

“I was not prepared for kindness, having heard such terrible things during my trial. I did not believe that I deserved compassion, but I was shown it, and that is when I finally let the tears tumble down my cheeks.’ 
Jayne Richards shares her experiences of prison and the kindness that got her through in this week’s Humane Justice podcast

In future episodes, we’ll hear from Tanjit Dosanjh OBE, founder of the Prison Opticians Trust, for whom the imprisonment of his father was a lightbulb moment. He describes walking into the visits hall for the first time to see his father behind bars.

We’ll also hear from the poets Brenda Birungi and Mr Gee, and Callum Hutchinson who describes the moments he spent suffering serious injuries, his life as a young gang member, and what happened in prison to change his life.

You can listen to Humane Justice on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.