PRA International

The PRA has provided consultancy to individuals and organisations from Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden, Hungary, Australia, Spain and Israel on setting up prison radio projects.

Rise Maximum Radio (Trinidad and Tobago)

In 2012 the PRA was proud to be present at the launch of Rise Maximum Radio, a prison radio project in the heart of Trinidad and Tobago’s Maximum Security Prison in Arouca, Trinidad.

The PRA was involved in pitching the idea to the government and was delighted to offer technical advice to Garth St Clair and Natasha Nunez, the inspirational individuals who made their own prison radio dream into a reality.

BARS FM (Hungary)

The PRA was glad to be present at the birth of the idea of the Hungarian prison radio, a venture not many who knew the country’s penal system would have thought possible.

Yet Bars FM – a station name given by prisoners – started broadcasting in December 2014 in a medium to high security prison north of Budapest. We continue to give technical advice as well as moral support to their work.

Radio Focus (Israel)

In 2013, Karine Obadia, an Israeli educationalist, discovered that 70% of prisoners in her country suffer from learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. Searching for creative ways to coach prisoners to overcome these issues, Karine decided to set up a radio production project in prison.

With support from the PRA, Karine has built a team of criminologists, radio professionals and coaches to build the project, and obtain approval from the Israeli prison service. They aim to broadcast content into prisons across Israel which reduces re-offending, and to extend that support to help former prisoners to resettle into society and find employment.

Karine named the station Radio Focus because their goal is to make life clearer for the people they are there to support.

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